Breaking changes

The following are breaking changes in 2.x.

Coordinates and package prefix

Spek now uses org.spekframework.spek2 as its base package prefix and maven group id.

DSL changes

DSL is now split into two distinct styles: specification and gherkin.

JUnit Platform

JUnit Platform is now only used as a runner, instead of driving the whole discovery and execution phases. It now uses spek2 as the test engine name to allow having 1.x and 2.x tests in the same project. This will pave the way to support Kotlin multiplatform projects.

Removed Extensions

The following extensions are removed.

  • spek-subject-extension
  • spek-data-driven-extension

Removed APIs

  • Spek.include, introduced only to support the subject extension.
  • action scope is dropped to simplify the API.